to live would be an awfully big adventure.

i like adventures. i like funny. i probably like you.

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Today I’m wearing a nice dark shade of exhaustion under my eyes.


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A Fox News panel discussing the ‘war on women’ features four men and no women.

This, in one image, is the essence of the problem with the war on women. Four straight white guys “debating” how women aren’t oppressed. Fox News isn’t even trying.

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I’m really pretty bad again and I feel so alone and scared of this.
I can’t tell if I’m sad because everything is shit, or if I’m just sad and everything is shit. I hate this feeling. I want to just completely disappear.

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No sleep, no makeup, broken toe. Waiting for train for ferry for more trains. #miraclechild #wow


why is it that when dylan sprouse and calum hood had nudes leaked everyone praised how well they handled it and attacked those who leaked them, but when over 50 female celebrities have nudes leaked, the hacker responsible is called a ‘hero’ and the victims are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’

oh wait

i know why

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vmagazine:  “The Great Outdoors" Model: Calle Strand | Photographer: Casey Brooks | Creative Director: MGvisual

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can i just move to scotland quick like before they wave goodbye to these tory wankers cheers


Donating this 5’10 board bag to @surfrider Foundation’s Rise Against Plastics campaign. The art show and silent auction is tonight at DAX Gallery in Costa Mesa. So stoked on California banning the plastic bag, another step towards sustaining healthy oceans everywhere.

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